Culture Shock Exhibition

we was asked to take it all down today as they have some special thing going off tonight in bar kind so our work would be out of place during this event, so it looks like its over sooner than we expected it to be.  sorry to thoose who were thinking of seing it during the week.  i think 2 bits of work can stay longer -> harriets and charlottes.

if youv missed it then check the gallery for our photos took of setting up and the exhibition.

thanks again to all those that came and checked it all out :3 <3

the site will remain up untill we get our marks, incase examiners need to check it and such, so will be down by the end of this month or early tune! but il post about it as soon as i can.

=^_^= nyeh
yeh i forgot the totem pole finished photos :P
thank you all for comming to see our work! its still all up in kind if you missed the opening night :) for about 1-2 weeks it will be all there looking pretty!  or if you cant get to lincoln then iv added photos to the gallery of setting up and how bits look in the bar :D  Enjoy me lovleys!
theres a new page with link to the fb event, or fill out the form and let us know your comming. theres also a comment/question posting area (not sure if it stays on the page or if it goes to email)  andddddd theres a survey further down the blog i would like to know how people found the site ;) pretty please




has her final piece of work on her page :)
Sarah G has made some changes :)




photography from Sarah G! updated statement for me and Nealie :D  please go look.
you can also add comments ya know! would be nice to see some :)
every one has photos of there work :D harriet and jo's have been added and i have some new ones too :))
go go go go lookie my little duckie
iv added some pictures to the work progress of my last sculpture, the area in my stuido looks like a snow storms hit it :3

Culture Shock Exhibition